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The round belgium waffle maker creates a perfect Belgian Style round evenly cooked waffle in about 3 minutes, and then either repeat the process with identical results or quickly clean and store the appliance for later use.

The Electronic Control panel will allow you to minutely control the cooking temperature and precisely measure the time. Heat it up to speed the process or to suit specific customer demands, or leave the settings in place and enjoy flawless, consistent waffles time and again.

The entire iron pivots to allow perfectly even cooking and once turned automatically starts the timer making the process as easy as possible for your operators. Thus it is an efficient kitchen tool at the point of prep, cooking, and cleanup. Ideal for any restaurant or venue serving in moderate volume


This waffle maker benefits from simple to change cooking plates. It does not matter how careful a user you are a busy establishment selling waffles will need to change the plates from time to time. These waffle makers make this process incredibly easy and will not cause any ‘down time‘ that would reduce sales.

Key Features

  • Non-stick Teflon coated plates
  • 180° rotation for even cooking
  • Easy to remove & replace plates on site
  • Timer automatically switches on when rotated
  • Electronic temperature & timer display
  • Modular design ensures separation of electronic components from hot plates
  • Digital display
  • Easy to use
  • Durable construction
  • CE approved
Round Belgium Waffle Maker Round Belgium Waffle Maker Round Belgium Waffle Maker Round Belgium Waffle Maker
Round Belgium Waffle Maker Technical Data
Belgium Waffle (Plate) 175mm Diameter, 30mm Depth
Thin Waffle (Plate) 175mm Diameter, 16mm Depth
Electrical 1200 W
110/230 V | 50 Hz / 60 Hz single phase
Approval CE
Weight 18 Kg
Dimensions H 310 mm x W 315 mm x D 625 mm
H 12.2 in x W 12.4 in x D 24.6 in