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The single iron 180° waffle maker allows you or your kitchen staff to create a perfect pair of thick, evenly cooked waffles. The iron has its own temperature and timer dials, allowing you to minutely control the cooking temperature and precisely measure the time to consistently produce both darker and lighter waffles to suit a range of customer tastes.

The entire iron pivots off from its base, providing easy access to all areas that might need to be cleaned. Thus it is an efficient kitchen tool at the point of prep, cooking, and clean-up. Ideal for cafés, restaurants, or any venues serving moderate volumes.

The 180 degree single and double waffle makers benefit from simple to change cooking plates. It does not matter how careful a user you are a busy establishment selling waffles will need to change the plates from time to time. These waffle makers make this process incredibly easy and will not cause any ‘down time‘ that would reduce sales. Also, if you want to change from round to square style waffles these extra plates are available to purchase.

Other features include:-

Key Features

  • Stainless steel housing
  • Opens 180° for even cooking
  • Removable cleaning tray
  • Mechanical timer
  • Makes up to 2 waffles at once
  • Single waffle size: L 110 mm x W 180 mm x D 15 mm
  • Cast iron interchangeable cooking plates
Single Waffle Maker Single Waffle Maker Single Waffle Maker Single Waffle Maker
Single Iron Waffle Maker Technical Data
Temp Range 60-300°C (572°F)
Watts 1800 W
Voltage 220-240 V
50 Hz / 60 Hz single phase
Net Weight 19.5 Kg
Dimensions D 679 mm x W 280 mm x H 198 mm
D 26.7 in x W 11.0 in x H 7.8 in