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The stick waffle maker produces a lighter & crispier waffle made from a pourable batter. Stick waffles are also easier to eat on the go than full-sized Belgian waffles, so they are suitable to outdoor catering, concessions, or as an alternative to muffins and donuts at a continental breakfast.

The stick waffle maker is a useful appliance for a variety of catering settings, including buffets and cafés. It allows professional caterers or kitchen staff to quickly produce large numbers of light and tasty waffles. You can make up to six waffle sticks at a time, with a three minute cook time for each batch. A built in timer helps to make sure that each batch is perfect, while a temperature control lets you adjust how light or dark each one is.

The uses of our waffle makers are various, but the quality is absolutely consistent.

Other features include:-

Key Features

  • Digital temperature control display and touch pad
  • Rotating cast iron plates
  • Creates lighter & crispier waffles
  • Quick to make - 3 minute cook time per batch
  • Even cooking all round
  • Six waffle sticks at once
  • Modular design ensures separation of electronic components from heated plates
  • Attachable/detachable stainless steel drip tray
Stick Waffle Maker Stick Waffle Maker Stick Waffle Maker Stick Waffles
Stick Waffle Maker Technical Data
Max Temp 300°C (572°F)
Watts 1200 W
Voltage 220 V
50 Hz / 60 Hz single phase
Net Weight 19 Kg
Gross Weight 22 Kg
Dimensions L 530mm x W 318mm x H 400mm
L 20.9in x W 12.5in x H 15.7in