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What once started as a means to support her children’s sporting activities has expanded to include passion in making Chocolate Movement, and its new division Chocolate Fountains Australia, a thriving success synonymous with quality, service, and affordability.

Chocolate Fondue - Chocolate Fountain Hire - Melbourne

The founder of Chocolate Movement, Elizabeth Schroen, drew upon the skills acquired when working and running family owned food service businesses. Elizabeth began the search for the specific food service she wanted to provide in her own to be established business. This search led to the idea of chocolate fountains, and Chocolate Movement was founded in early 2005. With expansion in mind, Chocolate Fountains Australia was established in early 2011 as a division of Chocolate Movement.

To ensure the best possibilities of success, Elizabeth drew upon the lessons learnt from the family’s decades of experience. In a combined food and equipment hire service, the four ingredients to success were established. They are:-

  • The best available chocolate
  • The best available equipment
  • Second to none service
  • Affordable pricing

In ensuring all four ingredients were provided, Chocolate Movement is now the most successful of its kind in the food service industry. While other like businesses have come and gone, or changed hands, Chocolate Movement has experienced considerable growth every year, even during the global financial crisis. Elizabeth states, “we started with 1 function per month, but it was our compliance to these four essential ingredients, along with sustained hard work, why Chocolate Movement has thrived". It has been ‘repeat business’ and ‘word of mouth’ that has formed the basis of this growth. This is why Chocolate Movement now has both an impressive and varied client base, from 5-star hotels and award winning function centres to home based private functions.

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