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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a chocolate fountain and what does it do ?

A chocolate fountain is an elegant yet spectacular catering device that circulates molten warm chocolate, and in doing so, creates a waterfall effect through a series of chocolate curtains that can be used to coat a wide range of chocolate dipping foods. Guests use a skewer to spear their chosen dipping food, and after coating it under the curtain of molten warm chocolate, can expect to be totally overwhelmed by a wonderful taste sensation.

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What sort of chocolate do you use ?

Chocolate Fountains Australia use the world’s best imported Belgian Deluxe Couverture Chocolate specifically designed for use in chocolate fountains. Our chocolate is consumed and promoted in five star hotels and is available in many varieties, including favourites Milk, White, and Dark. See our testimonials from those who have had the Chocolate Fountains Australia chocolate experience.

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What dipping foods can be used with the fountain ?

This is purely a personal choice but the most popular dipping food is the luscious strawberry. Other suggestions are marshmallows, raspberries, cherries, pineapples or other exotic fruits of your choice, mini profiteroles, small solid cakes or slices. The fountain can also provide warm chocolate that can be ladled onto desserts such as ice cream, puddings, or cakes.

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Who provides the dipping foods ?

We can provide a complete range of dipping foods. If you have organised your event via a caterer or venue, we will happily co-ordinate with them. You can also provide your own dipping food and we will be happy to advise on suitable items.

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How many people can the chocolate fountain cater for ?

Over a range of commercial chocolate fountain sizes, our chocolate fountains can cater for numbers as small as 15 to literally thousands.

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Can the chocolate fountain be used outdoors ?

Unfortunately, the chocolate fountains are not suitable for outdoor use due to insects and the elements in general, particularly wind. However the chocolate fountain can be used inside a marquee if reasonably well insulated from the outside elements.

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What is needed to hire a chocolate fountain ?

The most basic requirement is a sturdy table to cope with the weight of the fountain. Also you need access to a 240V power point to plug your chocolate fountain in. We can take care of all the rest.

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Have you liability Insurance & Food Hygiene certification ?

Yes, we have full liability cover and every operator has food hygiene certification. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact a member of our team.

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Why hire a chocolate fountain from Chocolate Fountains Australia ?

In less than two years Chocolate Movement have become Victoria’s premier and most successful chocolate fountain hire and sales organisation. Why? A Chocolate Fountains Australia chocolate fountain is the most impressive chocolate fountain in its presentation. We guarantee your event will have that “wow” factor. Our deluxe couverture chocolate, imported by Chocolate Fountains Australia directly from Europe, is made specifically for chocolate fountains and is ranked as the best available. Our experience spans well over a decade in food and functions related services – we have know-how. And most importantly, our service is simply second to none. This is why five star hotels, amongst our impressive list of customers, use Chocolate Fountains Australia chocolate fountains and deluxe couverture chocolate.

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